We offer a wide range of services to assist you in securing employment or support or advise you on a range of employment issues and we offer a free consultation.

The key services PRIZMA offer to both individuals and small businesses include:

CSCS Test & Card

To apply for a CSCS test click here
What is a CSCS card?

The CSCS card is a CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) scheme for the construction industry, designed to prove that the holder of the card has passed a health, safety & environment test, is both competent & safe to work within the industry and the CSCS card lists any relevant certificate/qualifications.

From the beginning of 2007, a CSCS card is essentially a passport to employment within the industry.

What is a CSCS test?

In order to obtain a CSCS card you will need to complete and pass a CSCS test.

CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) is a Health, Safety and Environment test set up to help the construction industry to improve quality and reduce accidents.

The test books with core CSCS questions are available in the following languages: English, Bulgarian, Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian and Welsh.

How do I apply for a CSCS test and obtain a CSCS card?

PRIZMA will help you with the CSCS test process by booking you an appointment with the nearest CSCS Test Centres. We have access to over 350 test centres in the UK – Health and Safety Tests are normally taken at your local driving test centre or a local mobile testing station.

Tests slots are available Monday – Friday and Saturday mornings at some CSCS Test Centres so you can take your CSCS Test as soon as possible subject to availability.

We will email you your unique CSCS registration number, confirmation of your local town’s nearest test location, date and time. Your questions and answers revision material will follow in the post, if purchased.

Courses and Qualifications


We offer the following courses and qualifications:

Level 1 Award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment (for CSCS Labourer’s card)

First Aid
Asbestos Awareness
Working at Heights
Fire Safety
Traffic Marshall
Manual Handling

Tax Returns, Tax Refunds, Tax Rebates and Self Assessments

PRIZMA is a HMRC registered Tax Agent

As a HMRC registered Tax Agent PRIZMA offer a range of services tailored to meet both individual and business circumstances:

  • Self Assessments
  • Tax Returns
  • Tax Refunds
  • Tax Inquiries
  • Tax Disputes
  • Correspondence with HMRC

If you need to complete a Tax Return or a PAYE Tax Refund please click here to contact us.

What is a Tax Return?

A tax return is also known as a Self Assessment. It is a process in which you report details of your payable earnings. A tax return is a document that must be filed with the HM Revenue & Customs declaring liability for taxation.

Anyone who has lived and worked in the UK has to pay tax. HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) may issue a tax return to you each tax year. The tax year runs from 6 April one year to 5 April the next. If you receive a tax return, the law says you must fill it in. HMRC uses the information on your tax return to work out your tax bill or work out whether you are due a tax refund.

If you’re self-employed, such as an IT specialist or a construction subcontractor, you are responsible for your own taxes and you need to file an annual self assessment tax return.

Who needs to file a Tax Return?

You need to file a self assessment if you fall into any of the following categories:

  • You are self-employed
  • You are a company director
  • You have any of the following types of income
    • Savings and investments income
    • Property income
    • Income from the estate of a deceased person
    • Overseas income
  • You have Capital Gains Tax to pay
  • Your annual income is £100,000 or more
  • You’re 65 and receive a reduced age-related allowance
  • You are a minister of religion (any faith)
  • You are a name or member of Lloyd’s
  • You fall into any of the following categories
    • You are not resident
    • You are not ordinarily resident
    • You are not domiciled in the UK and claim the ‘remittance basis’
    • You are dual resident of the UK and another country


Tax Return for Self-employed

Nearly everyone who lives in the UK is entitled to an Income Tax-free Personal Allowance. This is the amount of income you can receive each year without having to pay tax on it. The basic Personal Allowance for 2016/17 was £11,000 and for the 2017/18 is £11,500.

If you are self-employed and working in construction you are likely to be subject to the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS). PRIZMA specialists in CIS Tax Returns for Sub-contractors and assist contractors administer the CIS.

As a CIS worker, your tax is deducted directly from your gross earnings. This mean you will pay a lot more than you should do each year, because your tax liability should be for gross earnings minus allowable expenses

On average CIS workers can claim over £1,500 each year. However, the paperwork can be very complicated for an individual. This means that many workers only claim a fraction of what they are entitled to, or submit invalid claims.

Preparing a self-employed tax return on your own can be confusing and complicated but PRIZMA can save you time and money by taking care of your tax forms and ensuring you claim all work-related expenses such as work tools, uniform and special clothing, repairs and maintenance, motor and traveling, buying stock or materials, paying subcontractors, work-related insurance and any other expenses incurred “wholly and exclusively” in the course of your business.

If you need to complete a Self Assessment Tax Return please click here to contact us.

Do I need to complete a Tax Return if I work under Pay as You Earn (PAYE) scheme?
If you have relatively straightforward tax affairs and already pay tax through PAYE you probably don’t need to complete a tax return. But if you have more complicated tax affairs or you have income from several sources – you may need to complete one.

If you’re a PAYE worker you may be entitled for a UK Tax Refund under a few circumstances:

  • When you don’t work for a whole tax year
  • When your employer was using the wrong tax code
  • When you’re a student who only worked at holiday times and didn’t complete form P38S Student Employees
  • When you have worked in more than one companies at a time
  • When you stopped working and didn’t get any taxable earnings or benefits for the rest of the year
  • When you joined a new job and paid emergency tax
  • When you changed your employment status; like if you became self-employed
  • When you changed from full to part-time working
  • When you were made redundant
  • When there is a gap between two employment periods

Many people actually who work under PAYE overpay tax and can claim a rebate. Give us a call and we can estimate for free if you are due a tax refund or can claim a tax relief on expenses. To apply for a tax refund you will need either your P45 or P60.

If you need to complete a PAYE Tax Refund please click here to contact us.

PAYE – tax relief on expenses

Many PAYE construction workers are unaware that they can claim tax relief on expenses such as business mileage, tools, protective clothing and others. As a result, millions of pounds of overpaid tax go unclaimed every year.

So what exactly can you claim for? Well, the important thing to bear in mind is that you can only claim the expenses below if you incurred them for your employment and your employer did not reimburse you. The technical wording is that the expenses have to be incurred “wholly, exclusively and necessarily in the course of your employment”.

  • The cost of any tools
  • The cost of protective clothing
  • Maintenance of tools and protective clothing
  • The cost of travel if you use your own car and are travelling between different sites
  • Contributions to a personal pension plan

We offer free no obligation guidance on whether you may be eligible for a tax relief on expenses, please click here to contact us.

How can PRIZMA help me with my taxes?

We can estimate for free if you are due a tax refund or can claim a tax relief on expenses.

PRIZMA can save you time and money by taking care of your tax forms and ensuring you claim all work-related expenses.

We can complete your annual self assessment tax return on your behalf following HMRC guidelines, calculate your tax liability and advise for potential tax savings.

We value time and are help you to get your refund as soon as possible. Once we’ve taken an order from a client we submit the returns electronically on the same day and then keep the client updated about the progress of the refund.

National Insurance Number

To apply for your National Insurance Number click here

Our Promises

PRIZMA will take out the hassle of obtaining a National Insurance (NI) and will manage the whole application process to ensure a speedy and successful response.

What is a National Insurance Number?

The NI is a unique number used by the government to track your taxes and personal contributions to the social security system.

Everyone who wants to work or study in the UK needs one. Employers use the NI to deduct taxes. If you do not have a NI number you may have to pay emergency tax. You will need your NI if you want to claim state benefits, tax credits or a tax refund.

You pay NI contributions if you are an employee or self-employed and you are aged 16 or over, as long as your earnings are more than a certain level. Your NI number never changes even if you go abroad, marry, change your name etc.

A NI number is issued by the UK’s Department for Work and Pensions. To apply you will need to bring the required documents to an interview at one of the Jobcentre Plus centres.

How can PRIZMA help me apply?

We will make the whole process quick and easy. We will assist you in preparing all the relevant documentation needed, arrange an interview at your nearest Jobcentre Plus centre, give you professional advice and prepare you for the interview.

How long does it take to get a National Insurance?

Normally it can take from a few weeks and up to a few months. By using our service it will take approximately 10 days.

Self-employment Registration (UTR)

To apply for your Self-employment registration click here

What is Self-Employed?

Self-employed is the person who works for themselves (as a sole trader or partner in a partnership) instead of an employer. A self-employed person is responsible for paying income tax on any profits the business generates and a flat-rate class 2 National Insurance Contributions throughout the year (£2.85 a week for 2017/18). You will have to pay income tax (basic rate 20%) on any profits over the personal allowance (£11,500 for 2017/18) and also class 4 NICs (9%) on profits between £8,164 and £45,000; 2%on profits over £45,000.

Why and when do I need to register as Self-employed?

If you start working for yourself you need to register with HMRC as soon as possible. If you do not register you will pay more tax at 30% rather than 20%. If you register late you may have to pay a penalty.

Once registered you will receive a Unique Tax Reference number (UTR) which you will need to pay the right amount of tax and national insurance contributions. You will also need your UTR to register for Self Assessment in order to submit your first tax return.

How can PRIZMA help me apply?

PRIZMA will manage the whole registration process for you. We will need your national insurance number, your contact details and details of your business.

How long does it take to be registered as Self-employed?

It takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks to be registered as Self-employed.

Personal or Business Bank Account

How can PRIZMA help me open a bank account?

Opening a bank account in the UK can be difficult if you’re new to the country. UK banks require proof of address, a letter of employment or utility bill in your name in order to open your account.

PRIZMA will advise you on the process, types of accounts available and advise you on the identity documentation required. We will also arrange an interview for you with the Bank and translate for you at the interview if required.


If you need help with any of the above services then please contact us